Service Options & Pricing

My services aren't for everyone. If only need a cheerleader, I'm not the right coach. With the exception of group fitness classes (not listed here), I only offer completely personalized plans & sessions, with goals tracked. A la carte services include substantial prior planning to make the most of your time.

Your workouts and coaching will be optimized to your exact needs, with particular focus on optimizing energy and focus at work. If you have an injury, we won't just work around it, we'll work through it. If you have an upcoming event or race, we'll get you ready while keeping you safe and healthy.

Please note: some services have been removed due to COVID-19. Stay safe and stay productive!

A la carte services

Initial digital consult: FREE

45-minute online 1:1: $80

80-minute online 1:1: $120

On-site 1:1 first hour: $150

On-site 1:1 subsequent hours: $80

  • If already purchasing a training pack, clients receive receive a 20% discount on additional a la carte services.

  • Initial FREE consult is in addition to any sessions included in a service package.

  • On-site sessions available in SF Bay Area only.

Service packages

1-month online pack: $1200

  • full monthly progress plan

  • 3x/wk online 1:1 workouts (45m)

  • 2x online evals (80m)

  • plan recalibration after each eval

  • flexible scheduling

  • recommended for most fitness goals

1-month budget pack: $350

  • 3x online progress consults (45m)

  • email support & questions

  • keep plans, workout whenever you like

  • recommended experienced athletes to up their game with a tailored plan

Advanced training pack: $1200

  • 10x extended sessions: your choice online or on-site (80m)

  • per-session analysis & planning

  • flexible content & scheduling

  • recommended for recovering from an injury or imbalance

2-week personal bootcamp: $1000

  • 1x on-site eval (80m)

  • 3x on-site 1:1 workouts (80m)

  • 6x online 1:1 workouts (45m)

  • fixed time

  • recommended for building new fitness habits