BOUTIQUE FITNESS Coaching for Startups

Hi I'm Mike, and I train founders like you.

I also work with startup investors, advisors, and employees.

I'm a lifelong athlete, trained and experienced in anatomy, massage, yoga, Olympic weightlifting, running, swimming, biking, and more. I've recovered from almost every type of injury and will get you results faster and more safely than other coaches.

Working in startups for the last decade (and founding a few of my own), I've seen that we as a community subject ourselves to uniquely high levels of stress, both psychological and physical.

I started Founders Fitness as a workout group to stay in shape and combat this stress with my startup friends, but encountered a dire need for more comprehensive coaching.

Comprehensive, no-bullshit coaching

We founders are a special breed. "Good" doesn't motivate us; if it's not great, it's not worth our time. We accomplish more before breakfast than most people do in a day, so if we're going to spend a couple hours a week on something, we had better see returns.

As in all my work, I use metrics and operate with transparency. As an investor in your own health with many options, you'll get regular updates from me about your personal health KPIs so that you can stay confident in your choice.

Why hire a personal trainer?

In short, to get fast results without messing yourself up.

My clients generally report noticeable improvements in function and mobility after a single session, and we keep going from there. I'll help you build a permanent foundation for your body's care. We'll cover proper posture, alignment, balance, and how to listen to your body as you become stronger and more active.

Sure, you can learn all this for yourself. The right information is out there. But it takes years and a lot of mistakes to separate wisdom from junk and figure out what applies in which contexts. And you have a venture to focus on!

Quality training eases the struggle. From running a marathon to surviving your morning without coffee, I'm here to help you smash your goals to pieces while having fun and feeling great.

Regular Exercise = Higher Performance

22% might not seem like much. But that's an extra night every week that you get to relax at home knowing you rocked the work day. All for something that "takes too much time".

The right workouts will improve focus, boost confidence, and improve magnetism. For founders, this means stronger, more investable leadership. For investors, this means sharper instincts and a competitive edge in negotiations.


on-time delivery of work*

*Coulson, McKenna, & Field, IJWHM 2008

Why NOT work out?

Proper exercise is critical for sleep, stress management, and effective work. Failing to exercise yields lower performance, burnout, and risk of serious disease. But it's obviously not as simple as "just working out". There are a lot of reasons we avoid exercise:

  • existing injury or pain

  • risk of future injury getting in the way of work

  • unpredictable schedule

  • lack of free time

  • exhaustion and risk of work interference.

This is why an integrated approach is necessary. I'll help you address all these issues and more while building lasting habits that keep you looking, feeling, and performing at your best.

I offer a free digital consult to potential clients whom I think I can help. Take my online assessment to clarify your needs and get started on a program designed just for you.